Happy Neighborhood Project

A New Way to run Online Networking Meetings where folks are Happy to Help One Another. 

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Below is a link to a great podcast with a friend of mine, Ron Sukenick who I met through the Happy Neighborhood Project.


It is a great interview with some fantastic tips to build business using LinkedIn.


Well worth the listen.


Listen to Ron Sukenick here


Who Is Ron Sukenick?


Ron has been identified as one of America’s leading authorities on the topics of LinkedIn, Business Networking & Relationship Strategies. As a full-time professional speaker, trainer & coach, Ron travels all over the country helping to make a difference in how people, corporations, associations, and companies approach the world of LinkedIn – Connection and building relationships with others. He is a best-selling author with 4 books published with his recent book – 21 Days to Success with LinkedIn becoming an Amazon Best Seller.

Ron is also one of 25 national speakers for the office of the Sect of Defense in the Yellow Ribbon program and speaks to service members and their families before, during, and after deployments. He is a Vietnam Veteran – Army Reserve Retiree. Ron is married and has two children.

He also helped BNI expand when it first started and is a lifetime member of BNI.


I hope you enjoy the podcast & take something away from it.