Janine's Bootcamps go through the processes & systems that she uses to build her businesses.

Each program offers four training sessions with Over-the-shoulder videos.

Each session is recorded for your later viewing.

Materials will be made available to you for one year.

Bootcamp Sessions:

Phase 1: Building Your Foundation
Phase 2: Creating Habits of Success
Phase 3: Prospecting New Clients
Phase 4: Keeping Contacts "Warm"

Building Your Foundation

Do you have a schedule for your business? Office Hours? Vacation Planned?

If not, you’re on the road to burnout and heartache. Learn to build your business so that you have time for family, friends, vacations and still make money to keep you out of debt.

You will receive:

  • Guidelines walking you through the creative process necessary to create the life. you want through weekly planning
  • Build Your Income Plan as well as the Lifestyle you want
  • Practical How-to-Guidance and Examples to build your custom systems
  •  Over-the-Shoulder Tutorials and downloadable worksheets at every step
Embrace a community that wishes you to succeed. You and Your business deserve a chance to thrive, not just survive!



Creating Your Habits of Success

Each business owner is challenged by different life situations and requires custom systems and planning to achieve the income they need to meet their lifestyle. Here is a plan to work out how to achieve the lifestyle you need along with the income necessary to make it happen.

You will receive:

  • Guidelines & Templates to Create your perfect life
  • Templates to create your Weekly Plans of Achievement
  • Techniques used by business owners to keep their creativity going while working “in” and “on” their businesses.
  • Tip sheets for breaking through the emotional blocks you may have to bringing in more income.

Here is a program & community that teaches you how to create the successful habits necessary for your continued growth as well as accountability meetings to keep you on track. 


Prospecting New Clients

In order for your business to grow and thrive it is important that you continue to have new clients coming into your programs.

You will receive:

  • Templates for the Master Contact Sheet & why this tool is so important to you
  • Phone & Messaging Scripts for “How to Talk” to folks you barely know
  • Tips for breaking through the emotional barriers you have to calling people
  •  Guidelines on how to build your personalized process for bringing in clients

There are many ways to avoid this process. I’ve heard them all. Now, let us help you become prosperous and increase your impact through communication with people.


Keeping Contacts “Warm” or Top-of-Mind

65% of customers & clients don’t return to a business because they think they are not valued. Is that a crazy statistic or what? I received this bit of information from a top salesman! When I heard that I was stunned. We then started comparing notes on how we could alert our current customers and clients to their value. You will benefit from our processes

You will receive:

  • The system we use to have a 96.7% open rate on a part of our marketing
  • How-to-Authentically let your clients and contacts know you really care about them as people and not just a slice of income for your business
  • Techniques for leveraging the Relationship Marketing Model of business growth
  •  Stay true to your moral compass while increasing your income

This is truly where the fortune is in your systems of follow-up. If. you wish to make more money, be sure that you follow-up with your people. Allow me to show you simple systems that do this for you!

All four modules for only $497