Monthly Give-Aways

Monthly Drawings for My Artwork

As a way to say, “Thank You” for all the support, kindnesses and fun that I have had with my online students, clients, customers, I have created this monthly drawing where I will send out an original artwork that I am building for one of my books, projects or cartoons that I put into my programs. This is a drawing for a drawing (HaHaHa!) 

It suddenly dawned on me that I have rarely shared the “Art” part of the work I do to build what I build. The only folks who ever saw my hand drawn work were my children or the graphic artists I worked with that digitize all my ideas into a more professional looking form. Here is my way of bringing you into the wacky world that is my creative process for the Fun I have in Life. 

I will pull a “Lucky Winner” on the 24th of each month through 2021.

"Make Room"

This is the prompt that launched the “Sketch-a-Day” enterprise for me. As I looked at the prompts on my phone it said, “ROOM.” I was so overwhelmed with the plethora of ideas of what I could do, I settled into just drawing the letters/word and them making it a funny joke as a “play on words” or a pun if you will.

People loved it so I decided to keep with that theme.

"Taking Shape"

The prompt was, “Shape.” Now anyone who knows me realizes that I am a total math geek and thrive when I’m discussing pi, phi and fibonacci sequences. Again, I was so overwhelmed with the multitude of geometry shapes and equations I could play with for this prompt. I decided on a simple pun.

People loved it (over 100 likes) so I kept going.


By this time I knew that I was onto something with the word play and pictures theme, so when JAB came up, I knew there were at least three very different themes. Medical (needles and vaccines), Sport (boxing) or Verbal Attack. I chose boxing because I really didn’t want to do anything that was pointy or pokey in my art. Here is the result. I posted this and within 20 minutes I had comments from people asking me if I had been drawing for decades. Wow! They thought it was good. I decided to join the art community officially at this point and put “artist” under my name on facebook, linkedin and created a Ko-fi account for commissions.

"Crystalline Cold"

Now that I was “officially” an artist and a member of the community, when I posted this work from the prompt, “Frost.” I got so much response from the image that I almost cried when a young artist asked me if I would do a drawing of her name for her birthday. She donated money into my Ko-fi account and I was so pleased to see that I was making some people’s world more colorful with the art.

That’s the entire purpose of this project, to bring a bit of color into people’s world through the use of illustration. 

If you are interested in having your name illustrated by Janine, please contact
Tasha Wilmore to set up a 30min consultation before work on your project begins.
[email protected]