The Thriving Solopreneur Show

This podcast focuses on business owners who have made the decision to stay-at-home, run their business themselves and contract out needed services. They don’t wish to have employees or out-grow their home office. They want to make a great income working for themselves. Hear their success stories and advice.

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3 Minute Money Tip Show

This show is exactly as it sounds. 3 minutes are used by personal finance authors, self-made millionaires, financial planners, and investors to give you their BEST advice on how to spend, save, and grow your money. This show is perfect for the on-the-go professional who wants the information fast, succinct and fun.

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The Writers Hour | Creative Conversations

Do you think all writers work the same way? Nope. Dispel those myths you have inside your head regarding writing your book. Writers, Editors, voice over actors, publishers and media professionals talk to self-published authors on how best to finish your writing and then market your work. Do you struggle getting your words to formulate to even begin to write. We have authors who discuss that too!

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The Practical Mystic Show

Here is a show that highlights authors, shamans, spiritualists and ordinary people who find they have extra-ordinary gifts! If you hear things, see things and know things that people around you don’t, this is the show for you. We specialize in sharing the stories and experiences of ordinary people that find themselves seeing fields of energy, dead relatives, and hearing conversations miles away. Click Here for the latest episodes—>>> The Practical Mystic Show