Step #1 : Proof of Concept

Be sure to test the waters of your community before you spend the time, energy and effort in building a product or service that has no interest! This is the type of social media post I use to determine level of interest:

Step #2 : Engage the "Likes" & "Thumbs Up"

After you have waited 24 hours, see the listing of all the folks who replied, gave you a thumbs up, or a like on your post. Usually you can click on icons and get the whole list. Then, message each person, individually.

Step #3 : Follow Up on the Messaging Responses

Depending upon when people see your messaging, there will be various response times. As they reply, be sure to answer their questions and send them the link to register for the event or offer to hop on a phone call to chat with them about the workshop if they are interested.

Step #4 : Register for my next 90 min Workshop on Planned Profitability!

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