No project too small. We will sew on a button, patch a hole, or sew in a new zipper.

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We want you wearing your clothes again!

Price List

  • Button $5

    We make sure to support the buttons with fabric or another button to keep the threads from pulling through any damaged areas of your garment.

  • Sock Darning $10
  • Zipper $20
  • Hemming Trousers $20
  • Patchiko Mending $20

    When a hole needs to be covered due to it's size or location; elbow patches, knee patches & pockets

  • Sashiko Mending $25

    Visible mending with Sashiko thread & needles on denim, silk or 100% cotton

  • Visible Mending $10-$50

    Have a hole or two or three? Want to wear those favorite jeans or trousers?

  • Pockets $10-$20

    Adding pockets externally to a garmet or internally along a seam or in a lining, please call to discuss your specific project

  • Garment Darning - needle, loom or yarn $10-$100

    These projects can be as quick at 20min or can take days depending upon the size. Call to discuss