The Thriving Solopreneur Podcast Started in December of 2020. It is an interview-style program with host Janine Bolon and other solopreneurs that started off with an idea that grew. We discuss the early days of launching their currently successful enterprise as well as focus on the basic principles and habits that got them where they are today. Thriving Solopreneurs are everywhere. They are serving their clients, customers and communities. They are leading by example and have wisdom to impart that will serve your business challenges.

Each episode is focused on the business owner sharing with you the challenges they had, the lessons they have learned and, eventually, the gifts of insight they were given about themselves and their communities. Even though you may never have heard of Janine’s guests, you’re sure to get several ideas and hard-earned nuggets of knowledge that are proven to work in the real world of online meetings, repeated phone calls and social media engagement.

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