Can’t Get On ZOOM

Dealing with Connection Issues for You and Your Teams

There is nothing so fustrating as being prepared for a virtual meeting and then not being able to attend. It is disappointing, infuriating and just down-right annoying. I run an online University that can have anywhere from 102-441 students taking classes at any one time. Lately we’ve had a rash of difficulty getting on ZOOM as we start our winter semsester because of the increase of public school students doing the same thing.

This causes a lot of connection issues. This video and checklist that I’m giving you should assist you with the challenges you and your teams face as you attempt to connect via ZOOM.


The point of all this is you’ve made time for your meeting, the participants or host have made time for the meeting, it is better if we stay connected, right? If there are any other videos you’d like me to create for you or your teams, let me know by connecting with me on LinkedIn [Click Here] 

Print off your copy of the ZOOM checklist –>>[Click Here]