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Darla Evon - From broken to beautiful on the Thriving Solopreneur Podcast with Janine Bolon

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Janine Bolon: Hi, welcome to the Thriving Solopreneur show. This is Janine Bolon. And today’s guest is none other than the Darla Evon. But she believes that in a world where we can all live in harmony and with our heart and the thing that I really enjoy about Darla is we basically were two ships passing in the night where she was moving one location I was moving to another location and we were able to meet in the middle back in 2019 at a little coffee shop back when we could do things like that. And it was so much fun, beautifully said we traded books, we exchanged business cards and it is lovely to be back in her life again. So let me tell you a little bit about what she is doing and why this is important to you as a solopreneur.

She’s an international speaker, best-selling author of Broken to Beautiful and she is a transformational coach. As a certified Life Mastery Consultant, Dream builder, coach, and Masterboard certified Neuro-Linguistic ner coach Darla Evon is a leader in the transformation and empowerment industry. Being gifted in vulnerability and authenticity, she shows up fully engaged, which allows her clients and audiences permission to do the same. She creates a safe space for everyone to literally be real. When you spend time with Darla, you will feel a jolt of beautiful energy and be on top of the world because she leaves you feeling like anything is possible. So join her as she furthers the movement that she initiated called the whole cart movement. I can totally say yes, Darla is all that and more Welcome to the show, Darla.

Darla Evon: Oh my gosh, thank you so much, Janine. I am so excited like I’m vibrating highlight today.

Janine: Well, one of the beautiful things about when you and I were able to connect even that short period of time is there are certain people that you just connect with and you know that you’re on similar missions, you may not be doing the very same thing, but you’re definitely on similar missions. So talk to us a little bit about why you got this role, the heart or I’m sorry, a whole heart movement together. Because when you and I talked a couple of years ago, that wasn’t even on your radar, you were still static about your book being launched, and, and moving forward with your business. So talk to us about what’s happened.

Darla: Wow, thank you so much. So yeah, I believe in a world where we live in harmony with our hearts And I started this whole heart movement because I think that so many people are so busy doing and they’re not being and they live in their heads and not in their hearts. And they don’t even know that they’re doing it. And I just want to empower people to go out and live a fuller, more expanded life. I think, for so many people we love and I’m speaking for me and my past, because the things I’ve been through, lived in it from a place of constriction instead of expansion, and just lived a less damn life than I could have lived. And I also think when we’re not in harmony with our heart, we are truly not living our best life. And like, for me, I can speak for me living I saw my life going by like a movie, I was like a spectator. And life is going by going by until BAM, a life event happened that woke me up. And I realized, oh my gosh, I need to like go be and do and show up differently in life instead of from this victim space. And in this headspace, and from a space of doing and I need to come from a space of being and doing that I learned how to drop down in my heart and live this expansive place.

I think for me to this whole heart movement is about humanity, like our whole of humanity right now. Like I want to help people spiritually to evolve. I think that so many of us aren’t living from a space of love and joy, and maybe ideal relationships, and we can have better health when we live in that heart space. And so just it’s about inspiring others. And so that’s what came from all of that. And so I thought I was just gonna do this author thing, and then I started coaching and what I found is I get these clients that come through, and they’re in that same headspace and when I get to walk them through their challenges and their obstacles, I’m finding that so many of us are living from constriction and living from the headspace. And so that’s where my movement began in that show.

Janine: So thank you for that because it always is so nice to hear a business owner talk about well, this is why I do, what I do. Because if we had our druthers, we would rather work for someone else because it’s a lot easier than running your own business. And so anytime I get to hear entrepreneurs, why they do what they do, it really shows the passion. So most solopreneurs have a desire, they have a life they want to live. But when you start talking and using words like moving into your heart space or being a heart-centered solopreneur, not everybody is going to get that. And especially this, because so much of the terminology has been adopted across the board by our society, we kind of lose track of what things mean. So forgive me, I’m going to back you up just a little bit. And talk to us a little bit more about- Yeah, we’ve all heard this of we’re not human doings. We’re human beings. But still, I sit there kind of maybe as a quirky solopreneur going, What are you saying? Right? I mean, give me details. Give me something I can chew on because I have no idea how to take what you just said to me. And make any sense of it. Yeah. Can you tell him an analytical? Yeah, no shock. So help this analytical out when you start talking about being heart-centered, or heart-based? What does that mean?

Darla: So I think that means so many people in life, forget who they are. And so I stepped into this thought leadership movement to help them remember who they were because they simply forgot. And that is about the beingness. And so we all are born with a gift and a purpose. And my purpose is connecting with other people through this spiritual path, which I call my heart or my God, this universal life. And so being nervous going to being nervous, instead of doing this being is like, what gives you life? Doing what gives you like, living life on purpose, living intentionally, instead of just in our head, checking off again, and making the list is an analyzer, what do you make the list, you check it off, check it off, check it off, and you’re so busy doing that you forget to just be and step into that.

And I think when we come from a place of doing versus being, we miss a lot of the goodness in life, we miss so many of the lessons and I love sharing the story about this kid fishing on a stream. He’s fishing, fishing, fishing, he looks down the stream, and he sees this guy. This older gentleman catching fish, and he’s taking these big fish out, we measure them by this broken-off ruler, he’s he has in his pocket, and he’s throwing all these big fish back. And he keeps all the little ones that measured by his ruler stick that’s broken off. And the kids like what the heck is that guy do? And then he goes down there. And he’s like, “Sir, can I ask you? Why are you keeping all these little fish that measure up to this broken-off ruler in your pocket, you’re throwing all these big fish back.” And he said, “Oh, Sunny, it’s because that’s I measure all the fish by the by the size of the frying pan that I have at home.” And oh my gosh, how many of us do that in our lives, we get thrown all these big fish in our life, and we throw them back in the stream of life because we don’t think we’re enough are we don’t think that they’ll measure up or fit into what we’re programmed that we think we are or that we can be. And so we let all these things go and we’re so busy doing we forget to be the gift and to hold on to the big fish and the stream of life goes by and we’re not connected. We’re not connected.

Janine: So one of the things I like to share with the thriving solopreneurs is that the whole idea is that you build your life, you build the lifestyle, you build the life you want, and then you fit your business into the cracks. And so I would love for you to chat a little bit because this is kind of what you do. You do it in this whole heart movement that you have going on. But you also kind of touched on it a little bit with your book, broken to beautiful, where you talked about, “Okay, it’s time for me to live life my way.” And as you get ready to move into that living life your way. Talk to us a little bit about one or two examples where you say, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I fell into that trap again”, because we get trapped by our to-do lists. Sometimes we get trapped by that I should you know what I really need. And it’s not it’s incorrect. And this is where your Neuro-Linguistic Programming kind of neuroscience stuff comes in that certification you have where we build a box for ourselves and we totally cage ourselves in.

Darla: Yeah, exactly. So for me, an aha moment I had is like so my first career in life was to be in dentistry. I went to school because I knew that I liked math and science. So I picked that and I knew I should go to college. And all the shoulds right that I’m programmed to do. It’s not that what I love this, it wasn’t coming from a space of it was from a space of Okay, where can I make more? Where can I make the most money to? Like I let money program me for a while like I wanted the dollar and I chased that for a while? And I always knew I was supposed to teach and I was supposed to connect. Like that was this message that I got from GUS, which I call God Universe Spirit, GUS, did these downloads I get. “Darla, you’re supposed to be sharing your message with the world.” And I didn’t know what that meant until I had a car accident. And I share a little bit of this in my book, but I broke my neck. And I realized in that moment, while I’m healing, “Darla, you’re not supposed to be a dental hygienist. You’re supposed to be a spiritual hygienist. You get to go help clean up the mess is not in people’s mouths in their oral hygiene, but in their life, like, help them with things they’ve gone through that broke them down.”

For me, it could be domestic violence, child abuse. I had a son that went to prison who’s now out I’m so grateful for that. But so many things that I let break me down in my life divorce. And how now I can look for the lessons in that and reframe what a gift those broken parts were. And once I connect with my heart space, and I listened for the lessons, I get to help other people now do that same like it’s okay. I love to go minister to prisoners that get out now that are reintegrating into life. Like it doesn’t matter like step, what would you love in your life, it doesn’t matter what happened in the past, right? Like you get to choose to be, it’s not about doing it’s not about making the money. It’s not about what would your mom like you to do or what you know, it’s not all the things we think we’re programmed to we’re supposed to do in life. It’s like connecting with your heart vibrating higher and trusting the process, and then be who you really are and perfectly you and taking off the masks.

For me, I used to hide behind masks because I have a lot of shame about some stuff I’d gone through in my life as a child in a horrible marriage. I had some shame when my son went to prison. And so I hid behind that because I didn’t want people to know the real me. And when we can remove those masks, and just be in perfectly perfect as we are and share the real us how many people we can connect with at that heart center. And it’s this dance of awareness, like waking people up to just see the beauty in the brokenness and learn the lesson from the mistakes. It’s not a mistake if you learn a lesson from it. And there’s no failure in life. That’s another thing I love sharing with my clients are like, well, I failed at this and or a prisoner getting out or I love mentoring the women in domestic violence shelters, they failed at this marriage. And they knew he wasn’t good for him or whatever the situation. But when you know better you do better. And so failure is only feedback. And again, that’s tapping back into that heart space and quit judging and quit thinking so much and just being stopped playing small, Shine a light. And when I shine my light, I know I get other people, my clients, my audiences, I give them permission to do the same.

Janine: One of the things I absolutely love about what you share and how you go about teaching, and your speaking is that we talk about failure a lot because there’s a lot of reprogramming and reframing as you say that we need to do. And I always giggle when people talk about failure in such devastating terms, because in the software industry and in the automation industry, like I used to be in the comment was always in order to get to success, we have to learn to fail faster. So I was trained on failing faster. And so for me, that’s why when people come to me and start failing, I’m like, good job, you’re one step closer to that success. And they look at me like I’m crazy. But it goes back to what you were talking about. As you as an NLP and MDR practitioner. It’s just we have to reframe the way we see our own personal failures. I can be very objective, if it’s code, or if it’s a business plan, or if it’s a marketing model. I’m like, “Oh, yeah, well, okay, I failed, that doesn’t work. Moving on”, right? But then when it comes to the personal issues, where we feel we have failed, either someone else or ourselves, that’s where things can get really sticky. You wish to talk a little bit about that?

Darla: Yeah, for that I so many of us have these high common limiting paradigms or limiting beliefs. And it’s our old programs in our mind, and most of our programming was instilled in us even before the age of five. And it becomes our core belief, our value like who we are. And then we get so fueled by doubt, and not-enoughness, and all of that, and that I love helping people shift that limiting self-talk and that self-sabotage, to freeing themselves, so then they can be themselves. And so our first my first thing I love to do with clients is is let’s come up with a dream, let’s come up with a vision for your life, let’s come up with something you would love, like screw all the stuff that oh, I haven’t checked that bucket, I think I’ve talked to you about that before chuck it in the bucket. Like if it doesn’t serve, you chuck it in the bucket it or if I don’t talk about that I talk about the glasses you’re wearing, maybe your glasses just have a little bit of dirt on the lens. And maybe you just need to clean them. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, let’s just put on different glasses or clean the glasses you have on and let’s imagine we’ll step inside this dream or this vision for yourself. And let’s ask, is this something whether it’s a relationship, whether it’s your career, whether it’s your health, whether it’s whatever it is in your life that you want more of, or whatever, step inside that vision or that dream and ask does it give me life? Does it light me up inside? Does it align with my core values? Who you are who you want to be? Does it cause me to grow? Or does it cause me to constrict? If it makes me feel expansive, or you feel expansive, you’re probably on the right track? If it makes you feel constricted, you probably need to dig a little deeper. And maybe that’s not the right dream for you. Does it require a power bigger than yourself? Does it have good enough for others?

I think our world has gone through a place where so self-serving. And can we look at it from a lens of what can we do for others? How can my message or how can the work you do light a path where there is darkness so others can step into their beingness of who they are, and to their heart space and just be a bigger, better version of themselves. So live from that expansive place, we’re all worthy of that. Let go of that not worthy enough. And those are things we can work through in my coaching program. And I get some great, great tools. I have a 12-week program we work through, and we get to work through that resistance, that resentment, all those old things to bring us to this next level of what’s possible. And so I like to say that I’m a possibilitarian like, what if anything were possible? What if you could wave a magic wand? Because people we are that powerful. And we only limit ourselves by this appear our heads. That’s what I’m talking about. Not being in the heart space. When you come from here. Anything’s possible when you get your head is when we have all that crap come up the limiting beliefs and the self-sabotage and all those old programs that don’t serve us anymore, that we can chuck in the bucket.

Janine: I do love the way you have beautiful metaphors for exactly what you’re talking about. And they come through a lot in your book broken to beautiful. Many of the times when you were talking through your story or whatever I was like writing things down, because as a writer myself, you know, I always enjoy when other people put words together and novel in neat ways that really stick it stick the message in, really fit it in there. So tell us a little bit about- do you have any more books in your future? Yeah, you think you’re writing anything else?

Darla: I do. It’s actually I’m a co-author of a book that is going to be released in April. And it’s called short, sweet, and sacred. And what it is I’ve collaborated with some other life coaches and Life Mastery consultants. And we each wrote some stories that impacted our lives. And we so think Chicken Soup for the Soul. We all kind of conglomerated made one big book. So if there’s 52 others, there’s one chapter per week, one lesson per week, and it’s like what is your biggest lesson in life that you’ve learned that you would love to shed light on in this world and so that book short, sweet and sacred will go out in April it will be on Amazon and hoping for another bestseller. We’ll see how that goes. And, you know, it’ll be what it’ll be. But it’s all about shining a light on in this dark world and about just empowering people to live a fuller, more expanded life.

Janine: I look forward to it and can’t wait to have you back on the show when that comes out and you have some responses to that. So say somebody wants to get ahold of you when is the best way for them to reach you?

Darla: The best way is through my website and it’s or on social media. My website is darlaevon.com or darlaevoninternational.com either one will take you to the same place, you can click on connection call. And you could read through blogs of mine, you could if you’re looking for a speaker or a coach or whatever you can read on my services there. But I would love to make an offer to just do a connection call. I’m about heartfelt connections, I want to hear your story. I want to hear what makes you tick. I want to hear where you’re hurting or where you’re unsatisfied, or what you’re struggling with. And how can I serve you? Like how can I serve you? So I want to offer free connection calls to the first 10 people from this, that want to reach out and just sit and talk for 45 minutes with me. Go to my website, Darla Evon International, click on connection call and it’ll take you to my calendar link and I would love to just see where you’re at in your life and where you’re stuck and how maybe you can work we can work through that together.

Janine: Thank you so much. It was wonderful having you on the show today, Darla.

Darla: Thank you so much, Janine. It’s my pleasure. Lovely to be with you.

Janine: So this is Janine Bolon with another episode of the Thriving Solopreneur. Please make sure you keep your feet firmly on the ground as you reach for those stars. And remember, as Darla Evon says, “Anything is possible when you shift that mindset.” We’ll chat with you soon.