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Janine Bolon: Hello, and welcome to this episode of The Thriving Solopreneur Show. I’m Janine Bolon and with me today is Gail Lynn. And what I have to share with you about Gail is the fact of how she came to her current business? It is a wild story. It starts back in 2007, when at the age of 37, Gail’s dream of making a difference in the world was just rudely shattered. The accumulated stress of two challenging relationships and three extremely competitive careers, not only was she in telecommunications, she was also in the automotive industry and the film industry.

What had happened was her health had been decimated physically, emotionally and psychologically. Her reserves were gone leaving her with a medical diagnosis of severe cardiovascular stress and on the verge of an instant heart attack, not a good place to be. So just determined to restore her health, Gail plunge into the world of Energy Medicine. And when a series of whole body light and sound treatments reversed her diagnosis, she set out to uncover both the ancient history as well as the modern science behind light and sound as a healing therapy and used in conjunction.

After opening a Light and Sound Healing Center in Colorado in 2010, a series of extraordinary synchronicities guided her to combine light and sound technologies with sacred geometry and Tesla Mathematics. The result was a revolutionary vibro-acoustic, resonance healing chamber called the Harmonic Egg. Thank you so much for being with us today, Gail.

Gail Lynn: Thanks for having me. How fun is this?

Janine: I know, it’s always so much fun when we came to talk to people about this. So just kind of at the beginning here, talk to us a little bit about, “Okay. So yeah, you were in the automotive industry. Yes. You were in the film industry. Yes, you had telecommunications, you had the international side of it,” but now you’re running your own company and you have this crazy idea of light and sound therapy and you have no medical device experience, talk to us a little bit about that? That’s kind of a story, all on one of its own outright.

Gail: I know, right? And you’ve got about three hours?

Janine: I know, right?

Gail: Well, I grew up in the blue-collar environment. My parents basically said, “you don’t need a college education, just work at Ford Motor Company, get a pension, get retirement and you’re good to go,” right? Woo-hoo!

And even at a young age, I was like “that’s messed up thinking,” right? Here, I’m probably 13 years old saying, “No, that’s not what I want to do.” So, I started going to college because that’s what I wanted to do and I thought college was where you go get an education.

Janine: I had that same one. Yes, anyway, moving on.

Gail: Ten years later, I said, “just give me the damn piece of paper,” I’m sorry, I hope I’m in no mess for this. “Give me the piece of paper, I’m just getting out of here.” Because I am learning more on my own than I am in college. So it cracked me up. Some of the classes that I was taking, I was actually doing that.

I was doing project management. I was trained by Harold Kerzner who wrote the first Project Management Institute exam. And here I am in a Project Management class where the guys thinking that, “it’s all rainbows, and butterflies and everything goes, perfect and everything is on time and within budget,” right? Not thinking that when you’re a Project Manager, you have all the responsibility to get these tasks done and zero authority. You’re not signing these people’s paychecks but you’ve got to motivate them. And I’m in my 20s trying to motivate a bunch of engineers to do these tasks and I have no authority over them, right? So crazy.

So I actually failed that class. Well, I had all As, I got a B, that to me was a failure. I got a B in that class because for the final exam I got up there and didn’t do the final presentation, I did, “this is real-world project management, this is how you be successful,” and I got a B.

Janine: Yup. Basically, because you were busy teaching the class with what you knew. Yes, I understand that. You threatened people a little bit there. So yeah. Okay.

I love the fact that you have this background, okay? And you have this background where, like, you say, very blue collar and that you are supposed to go to college and if you don’t go to college, you go work in a trade, like, Ford Motor Company as you said.

So here you are creating this Sound and Light Healing Center. Now, let’s just talk about how the American Medical Association frowns on anybody stepping into anything that might be considered healing. And yet you had a divine dispensation, if you will, because you were talking about “how you were had this download of this device and you knew it would work.” So if don’t mind, share with us a little bit about how that came to you and then what were your first steps to move forward with that idea?

Gail: So it was a download, it was just these visions coming. So fortunately, the universe put me in these situations where I was a CAD designer and I was working in automotive and taking engineering classes, so I had to be that, to build this 11 foot by 11 foot by 7 foot device, that people go into and relax, right? Stress is the number one killer in America, so if I can just say, “it distresses the body,” and that’s all I say then I’m under the radar of the Medical Association. The body can heal on its own when it’s in the right environment.

So then, now I’m knowing that I had to have the international business and telecom because now I’m doing international business. Then, now I know that I had to have the Hollywood experience because I think they’ll be a documentary or something on. Now I’m being interviewed by all these amazing people like yourself and being able to communicate my message and help other people to do their dream, to have the focus and have the compassion and passion to helping others.

And so that’s really where I want to communicate is, anybody can do this stuff but you have to focus because you can have the best idea in the world and without focus you can fail. So what I had to do is focus. I’ve coached so many entrepreneurs through my career to say, “okay, you
got a hundred and ten inventions, so how many have you done? Zero. You’ve got 16 ideas, how many have you done? Zero?” It is about focus.

When I did the movie project, David Stanley, who is Elvis Presley’s stepbrother was doing evangelism. He was doing motivational speaking. He was doing karate seminars. He was writing books. He was emceeing events. And I told him, I said, “if you’re going to do this movie, you have to focus.”

Focus, focus, focus. Because you lose focus and then nothing happens. Your scattered all over and you’re doing everything halfway. So for me, I had to focus and I thought if “I’m going to do this how what are the steps that I have to make to do this?” And everybody told me “you can’t do this. You can’t make a large wooden egg, It’s just not possible engineering-wise.” I said, “well, if I can dream and I can do it,” because that’s what Walt Disney said. And my manufacturer, that is now my manufacturer who said “I couldn’t do it” said, “well, you’re not Walt Disney.”

Janine: Oh my goodness. Let’s just shoot this down before it even gets out the door. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Gail: So you have to be willing to risk everything. I was on stage one time speaking to a group of entrepreneurs and I said, “you have to be willing to risk everything.” And one gentleman, heckled me, “We’ll have you?” I’m like, “yes, I have. I’ve lost everything a few times.”

But what keeps me going is I know I can do this. I know there’s something else, so if that one failed, I’m going to go to something else because failure is not an option for me. It’s a false evidence, appearing real is fear and I don’t believe that. Any kind of failure is not just a new beginning so begin something else, right?

Janine: Right. Something better is coming along. So let’s talk about overwhelm, because that kind of happens a lot to solopreneurs where they have so many things going on. And you’re talking about, “Okay, yes you need to focus. Yes.” But there’s also the fact of a lot of entrepreneurs have a business of some kind, they’re producing a widget or they have a service and they’re providing that service, but they also know they need to keep growing their business. So they kind of do have to have multiple things going on at once. So what did you do for yourself to create systems? Because I’ve watched you, you’ve got these manufacturing people that you’re working with. You’re being getting ready to grow into the international. You already have eggs internationally. You’re dealing with the type of approvals that you have to go through from certain governments to be able to have a “medical device.” So, talk to us about, how do you stay sane, amidst, all of that?

Gail: A few Harmonic Egg sessions, I do know that. That is the key and I have a horse, so I go out and ground. And every day I get out in nature. So, I’m a water sign, I’m a pet saaf, if you follow ayurvedic medicine, I need the time in nature but it’s hiring people. And when do you know, when you can afford to hire somebody and when you can’t afford not to hire somebody? So hiring a business coach, you know that. Hiring an executive assistant to handle the emails. Sometimes, when you’re a solopreneur, a thriving entrepreneur, sometimes you are so charismatic that you can get people to do some sweat equity. Maybe you can get them to do some things that is going to involve them in the business. When you have the money, you can pay them. Because this is what entrepreneurs have to deal with, right? It’s really, really hard.

So hiring people was one of the things that I did first because I knew I couldn’t do it all by myself. But project management and organization were key for me, and my mom taught me organization when I was just a wee little girl. And trying to stay organized with everything and not letting things fall through the cracks. One of my biggest pet peeves is doing things twice. If someone loses an email, I lose it. And like, “Oh my gosh, I already did that. I don’t want to do it again. Can you send that again? No, I can’t.”

So hiring people, making sure you stay organized, getting a good mentor or coach. And there’s a lot of people who’ve already done it, been there, done that, that are willing to help some of these up-and-coming entrepreneurs and just coach them for free because they’re retired and they’ve made their millions. So it’s been brilliant. I’ve had so many people come and support me. It’s been amazing.

Janine: Well, one of the things that I always admire is, I’ve been a business owner myself, I’ve sold products, and I also have been a person that sells services, and what I love so much about how you’ve set up your Harmonic Egg and your business has been that you have all three of the elements. You have almost, it’s not a franchise, I don’t want to make it sound like that, but it’s like you were supporting other business owners with your product and the services. So, how do you refer to yourself? Because it’s not a franchise, what do you call it?

Gail: It’s a family. I try to call it a family. A divine, feminine, cooperative business model because we have too many competitive business models that are the patriarchal. So I look at the matriarchal, cooperative business model and seeing everybody as a family and I try to treat everybody that way. They’re all independently owned and operated. They don’t take any royalties but I want to see them all abundant. It’s a passion for me to see everybody abundant. I want to take everybody with me on this journey of success and abundance.

Janine: And that is a model that’s trying to catch on. You’re starting to see it more and more. And one of my favorite companies that I talk about that is Ben and Jerry’s ice cream because when they first started off, they really had that mindset of any shop that opened, they saw it as an extension of the family. And, in your case you’ve taken it one step further. You’re like you’re your own entity. You’re not a franchise or you’re not licensed, however you have to work it legally. So this model, how did you start to manifest that? Was it just an idea that you had one day in the shower? How did this work out for you?

Gail: Right? Now, that’s a great question. And it was always a dream of mine that I feel like I’ve always been treated and taken advantage of. I’m kind of gullible. I’m kind of trusting. I believe everybody has the right intention and I’ve been screwed time and time again so when I started this, “that’s okay”.

The gentleman that was my mentor, I had this beautiful location, I opened up in Westminster Colorado and then he put his Center 15 minutes from me and it didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel of integrity. It felt very invasive and competitive and it felt like he just did it for greed. And I thought, “if I ever have a business, I would never do that to somebody. I would never create competition for them and scare them when they first opened their business.”

So I think it’s been a lot of people who’ve come into my life from a karmic contract or something to teach me what not to do.

Janine: Yes. Every entrepreneur I’ve ever talked to has a lot of, “Yeah, I’ve had a lot of teachers on what not to do,” which is why we started our own businesses, right? And we started them because we saw out there what people were doing in business and we’re like, “I am so not doing that. I’m doing it my own way and so I want to encourage people.”

So one of the things before we close today, tell us a little bit about what you do to keep yourself motivated? You mentioned your horse and you need nature but when you’re
sitting at your computer, what are what are some of the processes that you use to keep yourself motivated and moving forward? Do you have pictures on your wall? What are the things that you do that keep you on point?

Gail: So, one of the things is great, when I’m looking at all these Facebook posts, and Instagram posts of all these people and like, “I use the Harmonic Egg.” And they’re now in Holland, and well, Netherlands. There in the UK, “we’re going to be going into Thailand,” and I’m seeing it in different languages now. And people are like, “The Harmonic Egg is so awesome,” and that gives me the strength and the power and the heart to keep going, that is helping so many people.

But, no, I don’t do vision boards. I do three minute meditations. I’ll stop every hour or so and get up and move around or go out to my patio. And so I feel like I’m always clear in my head and then I come back in the house with a renewed sense of, you know. My brain is working better because a lot of times you get work and after three or four o’clock, I have to do mindless things because you can’t be creative all day long. So you have to plan your day so that you know when your creativity is at its peak. Using the circadian rhythms. So about 3:00, 3:30, I’m not productive at all, so it just be mindless stuff.

Then I wake up in the morning and I kick butt until 10:00, 10:30, 11 o’clock. Then you can start to see it falling off, the creativity. So I try to do all that stuff in the morning. Yeah, it’s great. It’s fun.

Janine: That is the best advice people can give is definitely where is your creative time and use your own rhythms to your own advantage. Which is why you’re a solopreneur or this is why your entrepreneurs to be able to do that.

So say, somebody says, “okay, I’m listening to the skilled person. Let’s check out this egg thing that she’s talking about because I could definitely use some lack of stress in my life.” What do you recommend? Where should people go to find out more about you?

Gail: They can go to and all the locations for all the family members are there for them to observe. If you’re not close to a location, you can do a distance or remote session. They’ve been working really well. And I did write a book so that people could do sound and light therapy at home. They can use the book to find out what colors they should use in their daily life, what colors they can actually eat wear and be around and surround themselves with for the most effective potential for their body type.

Janine: And there you go. Thank you so much for being with us today, Gail. It’s been wonderful.

Gail: Thank you.

Janine: And this is Janine Bolon with The Thriving Solopreneur. We broadcast every Friday and so definitely stick around. Next Friday, we’ll have another guest. All of these people are on this show to help you, mentor you and whatever way is possible. They know what works, they know what doesn’t work and they’re more than happy to assist you too.

Stay grounded with your feet on the ground and keep reaching for those stars. And we’ll see you next Friday.