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Beenie Mann Matters of Perspective on the Thriving Solopreneur Podcast with Janine Bolon

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Janine: Hi, this is Janine Bolon with the Thriving Solopreneur. And today’s guest is Beenie Mann. And Beenie and I have been friends for several years and what is fun is that I got to be there right as she came up with this idea. And this idea is revolutionary in the sense of it is going to help hundreds and hundreds of people, we hope thousands at one point but right now we are just focused on the hundreds. Many people are out there, they know they need help, they know they need guidance. How do you go about finding a coach? May I recommend that you talk to Beenie Mann about matters of perspective? Beenie, thank you so much for being on the show today.

Beenie: Thanks for having me, Janine. I am excited to be here and share my videos, my dreams.

Janine: Your dream. I remember you were like, “oh my gosh, this is so big.” And you were almost hyperventilating a little bit and you had a coach that calms you down and after the coach kind of calmed you down and was like, okay you have got this. You really have got this so describe a little bit about what got you started and what made you decide to then go after matters of perspective because that was not your comfort zone.

Beenie: Oh no, that is like at this point I do not even know what it is a comfort zone.

Janine: Right. You are so far estranged from your comfort zone.

Beenie: What is a comfort zone? What is a box? Who knows? But the idea came to me really out of my personal need. So my husband is retired military now, but at the time we were on active duty with two kids single income. And there were always so many months left at the end of the money. And at one point, I knew it is like “Okay, I have this entrepreneur thing in me. I knew at some point. I have my own company. I want to be my own boss.” As like, “Where do I start?” And I got involved in network marketing, which is phenomenal for personal development and that really opened up the door for me to understand the value of coaching and who I need a coach. I need to find myself a coach. So I was looking and the problem was the ones that had the name recognition. Way out of our league and the ones that I could have possibly afford it at that time. There was this risk involved because I remember when I was in school if I did not like the teacher, I did not pay attention. And even though I am an adult note I have to admit that has not changed.

Janine: I know, it is like “I am so sorry but I cannot take advice from you because I do not trust you.” I remember there were certain teachers where I was like “I could not trust him. So the last thing I would do would take their advice.”

Beenie: Yeah, and that has not changed. And when I talked to two friends and people about Madison’s perspective and I share that part about the teaching they are like “Oh my gosh, you are right.” They are great. I would say about 98% of the people are great. So here I was and then April 1st of 2018. I decided to liberate myself and I walked away from the traditional. I was a mortgage loan officer. I was miserable. I was unsuccessful because it was not me, I was not true to myself. So on April 1st 18, I walked away and I was like, “Oh I am going to coaching and so I was this new coach.” So at first, it was the client that did not have the funds to take a chance. Now I am the new coach, official new coach and I am sitting here going, where do I start? What do I do? How do I get that name recognition? So fast forward a little while almost a year and I was sitting I was brainstorming for something. And that is when I have gifted the idea. And once I wrote that down and I looked at it. I literally sat there and I cried for about half an hour because I understood the magnitude of what that is. Later that year of 19. I hired myself a business coach where he was phenomenal. And that was the first time I was actually able to afford a coach and do the coaching and I felt so grown up. And I was not even going to share my idea with him. I was going to have him help me public get my book out and give him speaking engagements. But this little voice inside said share your idea. And being me I was like fine.

Janine: Fine, I will go to it. Stomp-stomp-stomp.

Beenie: Right. So I shared it with him and he is [inaudible] this is amazing. When are you planning to launch? And mind you this is like what October-November of 2019, right? And very proudly I proclaim for my birthday end of July 2021. And he laughed, and he said that is not going to work for me. Of course Miss Attitude, he was like, “Oh fine then, and what will work for you for me to launch my business.”

Janine: You got the head Bob going on and oh oh oh. I was like.

Beenie: And he laughed and he said January 2020 [inaudible]. That is three months away. But guess what? I did.

Janine: You did it.

Beenie: I coached, I cut 18 months off from launching my business.

Janine: Yeah.

Beenie: And that is [inaudible] a coach.

Janine: That is what a coach can definitely do for you. So describe for the listeners who do not know. What are matters of perspectives? What was this big idea that you sat and sobbed over for 30 minutes because you knew this was what you were supposed to do? So what is matters of perspective?

Beenie: So in short, we are a coaching platform. And we bridge the gap for the 95% of people, meaning for the people that one more in life, but do not know how to get there. And they feel that hiring a coach is too uncertain. And it is way out of their reach financially. So what I created is a platform where clients come sign up with us for a coaching program. We can start monthly, coaching programs. It is a group coaching that gives you two hours to one-hour Zoom calls with our coaches. And you get the recordings and all that. And what I love about it is because we have several categories and in each category, we have several coaches. So with the group coaching, you do not just get the one coach that you work with, you get several. So you get different perspectives, which to me is like “Oh win-win-win-win-win” I love that. And then we have a two-hour quick fix program. We have a six week program if you want to move forward faster just to get that “Hey, you know what? I need this. I know I am almost there. We can go there.” And then of course we have the six months program as well for people who want more and want to dive deeper.

Janine: And.

Beenie: Yeah. That was the most powerful thing was the fact that it was not just a coach selling their services and expertise. It is like you have a whole Cadre of coaches. You have run them through their paces. They have contributed money to be a part of this. It is not just a freebie for them at all. They have to sign on with this. And then you have vetted everyone very effectively through the process. So I absolutely love what you have done with matters of perspective and I highly encourage people. If you have never had a coach or you are really nervous about it, please go to matters of perspective because Beenie will make sure you spend the least amount of money and yet get the most value. So instead of test-driving somebody who is charging you $20,000 and offers you all this stuff, maybe take a little piecemeal if you still have income issues or cash flow issues. So talk to us a little bit about some of the coaches you have not necessarily by name, but just the areas that you knew as a business owner you were like “Okay if I am going to have this Cadre of coaches that I am going to dovetail and fit certain clients with.” What were the areas you focused on? Right again that came from my own personal need through time because when I first realized as I go I want to do a business and that is in my head I thought I needed a business coach. Well, what I have learned over at the time is my mind was not right for that. So even if I would have started a business, most likely it would have failed because my mind said was not right. So I would have needed the mindset and a life coach first to get me there. So we actually have life in mind said coaching. We have business coaching which has brought on a book coach if you want to write a book. We have a book coach. We have health and wellness. We have finance and this is just the beginning. I mean, we are just in the beginning still and we are growing and we are bringing people on. And per category, we have several coaches. So when the client comes on board and we match them with the coach that we feel is right for them. And before whatever reason, it does not work out on either side the coaching side or the client-side. The client is not out of money. We simply match them with another coach in that category.

Janine: Wait, which is much better than what you and I have experienced, which is why I was like you have got to come on my podcast because you and I have both paid out tens of thousands of dollars for coaches and had just miserable experiences with that. Now I will take personal responsibility for my stuff, right? And you and I both talked about that. We know what coaches were very valuable to us and which ones were not. But there were times where we were really taken for a ride and it was because the way the information was presented to us was not what we ended up receiving. It was almost a bait-and-switch and one of the things that I love about what you are offering people is that you are like “Look if you feel you are in a bait-and-switch then read define for us.” What it is you think you need now? And we will make sure we get a coach for you or you can be released from the program but still have to pay for what you have already used but at the same time and that is the thing that money-back guarantee that you offer for people to be happy with where they are. That is brilliant.

Beenie: Thank you.

Janine: Yeah, you did a very good job of that.

Beenie: I get chills every time it is because it just tickles me so much to have this platform now and the ability to help people really across the globe.

Janine: Exactly. Yes, because you were not always. Yeah, I know squeak. It is so exciting. Squeak. Yeah, I wish you could see the face she has when she does that so cute. So but you were not always in the United States. Where are you? I mean.

Beenie: I was actually born and raised in Germany.

Janine: You are right. You were born and raised in Germany. And so it is like you have a world or Global mindset. And so is the thing that is delightful about having traveled the world is the fact that you can reach out and help multiple different types of people. And one of the things I love about the United States is the fact that as long as we have entrepreneurs, as long as we have people building businesses, the country will remain strong.

Beenie: Yes.

Janine: And that is why I have a vested interest in anybody that is building a business and I want to know about it. So but what else do you want to share with us about matters of perspective and how people can reach out to you and how can they learn more without having to throw, without having to put money on the barrelhead as they say in the Midwest? What else can they do with you? Well, how can they get to know you better?

Beenie: Well, the best way you can reach out to us. We are on social media we are on Facebook it is @mattersofperspective. We are on Instagram @mattersofperspectiveoriginal. I think it is the original. I just had to change that. But you can also go to the website and you can book a free 30-minute call with me, where we can talk we can find out what it is you need if you are on the place where you are ready to do this you can ask questions and just get to know each other. And you can ask me questions. I am an open book. I am pretty straightforward and transparent. It is like what is you see is what you get.

Janine: Exactly because we have all been where people were putting on the facade. And you did not realize there was not any information behind it. There was not quality information. Yeah, so you would not get that from being I can attest to that. I have worked with her enough. So wonder stuff. Do not forget she is also an author. So Happiness Matters is her book if you are like, “Okay, yeah the sounds too good to be true. And I have learned to not trust that.” then read her book, Happiness Matters. And you will really get an inside look to Beenie Mann and what makes her tick and that she is as authentic as she knows how to be in each moment. And you are getting what you see is what she wakes, what you see is what you [inaudible]. I highly recommend you go out to Amazon and do that. So anything else you want to share with us before we take off for today Beenie?

Beenie: Be authentic self, be you follow your heart follow your dreams what you think about you bring about in? I mean I am living proof of that. That is all I can say.

Janine: And that really does say something. You have to read your book to understand it truly. But this woman has managed to accomplish despite some pretty awful background and trauma, but at the same time, all of us can identify with that. We have all had some sort of trauma. Otherwise, we would not be in business for ourselves would weigh.

Beenie: Absolutely true. 100% true. Yes.

Janine: And so if you are a solopreneur and you want to thrive, I highly recommend you visit Beenie Mann at Look at the Facebook pages if you want it kind of kinda dance around the social media, but definitely go out and buy her book Happiness Matters and you will totally understand why she had to build this coaching business that she has. So thank you for being with us today Beenie.

Beenie: Thanks for having me. Thank you.

Janine: And this is Janine Bowlin with the Thriving Solopreneur. Keep your feet firmly on the ground as you reach for those stars.