Sending Cards on Saturday

Free Webinar (45min)

The Last Saturday of this Month

9:15am (Mountain)
11:15am (Eastern)

Building Your Business by Sending Cards on Saturdays

“Sending Cards on Saturday

Janine Walks you through the process of using  Direct Mail to grow your business. A side benefit to this process is continued connection and follow-up with Prospects by Sending Cards on Saturdays. You will receive: 

  • Janine’s Processes & Systems for Sending Cards
  • Simple solutions for adding addresses from all of your different social media platforms, contact lists and business cards
  • The Critical 4 Hours that Janine uses to build her businesses.

Already an Affiliate and Need Training?

Janine will be happy to adopt you as you learn the SOC system and routines. She doesn’t know everything about Send Out Cards, but she has been using Direct Mail in her Business life for over 30 years. 

Join her every Saturday Morning at 8am (Mountain) & 10am (Eastern)

Ready to Start Speaking about Send Out Cards?

Janine’s company, 8RingsMedia, produces 4 podcast programs, runs 15 online courses and delivers content to 27 different platforms.

When you’re ready to expand your business allow Janine to share with you the tips and leverage a media kit will bring you with Promotional Podcasting. She doesn’t allow guests on her show without one.

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